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MSF - An Introduction
| 15.03.2021

Ukraine: MSF Medicalised train; 500 patients
| 22.06.2022

DRC: Cycle of violence set to repeat in Ituri province
| 18.01.2022

MSF 50 - Sounds of Humanity
| 21.12.2021

A Year in Pictures 2021
| 06.12.2021

Dadaab refugee camp: 30 years in search of dignity
| 01.12.2021

Pushbacks at the Polish borders
| 21.10.2021

Portraits of ten Rohingya refugees + audio interviews
| 31.08.2021

2020 Year in Review
| 23.06.2021

Providing Healthcare to Neglected Population in Jebel Marra - Darfur Region
| 17.05.2021

MSF Hospital, Malakal Protection of Civilians (PoC) Site
| 11.05.2021

Welcome to MSF Media Database 

The Media Database, also known as media server or MDB, is an online audio-visual library for all MSF staff. It is a platform to share our audio-visual content and making our content as accessible as possible across the movement. It is also available, in a restricted form, to non-MSF staff such as media, researchers, other NGO staff and academics.


Spring Cleaning of MSF Audiovisual history
Spring Cleaning of MSF Audiovisual history 
| 21.04.2022 
War in Ukraine - Recent AV Packages
War in Ukraine - Recent AV Packages 
War in Ukraine - Recent AV Packages 
| 02.03.2022 

Audiovisual Branding & Guidelines 


Fundraising Collection 

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