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2. PURPOSE OF THE WEBSITE is an online database for all Médecins Sans Frontières (“MSF”) staff, in the field and in offices worldwide. It was created as a way of sharing our audio-visual resources better and making our material as accessible as possible across the movement. It is also available, in a restricted form, to non-MSF staff such as members of the media, researchers, staff of other NGOS, academics and students.



Website content

This website is owned and operated by MSF. All of the content featured or displayed on this website, including, but not limited to, text, graphics, videos and photographs, is (i) owned by MSF and/or its content providers and (ii) protected by copyright, moral rights, trademark and/or other laws relating to intellectual property rights. Except as explicitly permitted under those terms and conditions or another written agreement with MSF, no portion or element of this website or its content may be copied or retransmitted via any means and all rights related to this website and its content shall remain the exclusive property of MSF and/or its content providers.  

Trademarks and logo

Trade names, logos and trademarks featured on the website are the property of MSF. They shall not be used without the prior express consent of MSF.

Images and films  

The copyright of the images and films featured in the website is always retained by MSF, the photographer, the cameraman and/or the producer. 
Any license to use the images and films granted by MSF under those terms and conditions shall not constitute a representation that an image, a film or text is compatible for use with any other material. You are solely responsible for the use of any image, video or text in combination with any other material. 



Downloading process for Internal Users  

Internal Users are the users who i) are employed with MSF and ii) have a MSF email address. They are authorized to freely download the pictures and films for their own use, under the conditions defined in these terms and conditions. Internal Users are not allowed to provide any picture or film downloaded from the website to any third party in violation of the downloading process for External Users described below.  


Downloading process for External Users  

External Users are the users who are not Internal Users. They do not have automatic downloading and reproduction rights of the pictures and films featured on the website. They shall officially request the authorization to download and use the pictures and films in accordance with the process described in this video 


Conditions of use  

When using any picture or films downloaded from the website, you shall strictly comply with the following rules:  
1. The pictures and films shall only be used (i) for the purpose described in section 2 above (Purpose of the website), (ii) for the specific usage(s) mentioned for each picture and film and (iii) with or in the spirit of the caption accompanying the picture or film. Any other use (including a commercial use) is strictly forbidden. In case of doubt or if you wish to use a picture or film for a specific use which is not the one expressly mentioned for this picture or film, you shall contact us [] for verification or prior consent before publication.  
2. if you are an External Users, you shall not be authorized to use the downloaded pictures or films for another purpose than the one notified at the time of the request for authorization.  
3. the corresponding copyrights (i.e. ©photographer/cameraman/producer/MSF name) shall always be indicated next to the picture or film.  
4. Images or film should not be altered or manipulated, added to or have any part deleted without MSF's prior written consent.  
5. Low-resolution pictures nor film shall not be used in any final materials distributed outside MSF or to the public or in any online or other electronic distribution system.  
6.The pictures and films downloaded from the website shall be systematically destroyed after use and shall not be archived. Before use, they shall be kept in a secure environment.


The website and these terms and conditions of use shall be subject to Swiss law.