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Wish we were not here

Jungleye Project, Greece, 2016

Wish we were not here Starting in November 2015, Jungleye association launched a participatory photography project in informal refugee and migrant camps throughout Europe. This alternative photo essay intends to give a voice to migrants, allowing them a tool to give testimony to their everyday reality and to share their humanity. There pictures are then made into postcards, each with a custom caption from its photographer, with the aim to recreate a visual and transitive memory of their journey and in a spirit of raising awareness about current migratory issues. Jungleye photographers and their work have been recognized and exposed several times with exhibitions having been held in Brighton, Brussels, Lille and Barcelona. Many media outlets have also written articles about Jungleye, including international newspapers such as Le Monde and The Guardian, as well as photography magazines like Actuphoto. In a sensitive socio-political context regarding migratory questions, these postcards enable to undertake the first step towards the “Other”, from a distance. Activities are organized in public spaces and during exhibitions to sensitize people about refugees “situations”. Everyone is invited to write a comment on the postcard of their choice. Along with a correspondence, postcards are exchanged and shared. The shaping of a dialogue between people - migrating or not -is flowering. With the support of MSF, Jungleye have realized several workshops in Katsikas camp, Greece, during summer 2016. These pictures are the result of their work with migrants there and are part of the global Jungleye project.



GREECE | 01.07.2016

GREECE | 23.06.2016

GREECE | 23.06.2016

GREECE | 27.06.2016

GREECE | 26.06.2016

GREECE | 29.06.2016

GREECE | 01.07.2016

CHAD | 14.02.2017

Fighting Hepatitis E in Chad
February 2017

TANZANIA | 11.01.2017

Tanzania - Portrait of refugees from Burundi


Closure of Mpoko camp, Bangui.

NIGERIA | 22.02.2017

Dr Joanne Liu visits Maiduguri feeding centre - January 2017
Malik Samuel, January 2017

NIGERIA | 18.01.2017

Nigeria, Bombing on a displaced camp in Rann
Nigeria, 17 January 2017

GREECE | 20.12.2016

Wish we were not here
Jungleye Project, Greece, 2016

SERBIA | 17.01.2017

Refugees in Belgrade: Stranded in Serbia – 2017
Gemma Gillie/MSF - January 2017

YEMEN | 23.01.2017

Taiz - Healthcare Under Siege Yemen
Taiz governorate, in south-western Yemen, has been seeing some of the heaviest and most sustained fighting since the conflict escalated in 2015.

ITALY | 12.01.2017

MSF winter sea rescue - MV Aquarius

SERBIA | 09.01.2017

Winter conditions in Serbia
Marko Drobnjakovic - January 2017

FRANCE | 11.01.2017

Migrants on the streets of Paris: harassment and police violence must stop
Armelle Loiseau, January 2016

IRAQ | 09.01.2017

Mental health in IDPs camps in North Iraq
Brigitte Breuillac and Monique Jacques, December 2016

IRAQ | 19.12.2016

Iraq : Qayyarah hospital
Brigitte Breuillac, Iraq, December 2016

| 22.12.2016

Wishlist 2017
Access Campaign

YEMEN | 17.01.2017

Thi As Sufal District, Ibb Governorate, Yemen

LIBYA | 13.12.2016

Libya Update
December 2016

UGANDA | 09.12.2016

A Year in Pictures 2016
MSF Picturedesk

CHAD | 15.12.2016

Hepatitis E outbreak in Chad
December 2016

IRAQ | 14.12.2016

Displaced people from Mosul : Hassan Cham and Khazir 2 camps
Brigitte Breuillac, Iraq, December 2016

| 30.11.2016

Mediterranean Multimedia

HAITI | 02.12.2016

HAITI Hurricane Matthew Response, Port-à-Piment mobile clinics
December 2016

ITALY | 01.12.2016

Refugee reception and mental health, Trapani, Sicily
Alessandro Penso, Oct 2016

LIBERIA | 05.12.2016

Liberia : MSF Monrovia hospital
Bérengère Guais, Liberia, October 2016

IRAQ | 30.10.2016

Debaga camp and mobile clinic, Erbil N Iraq
Photographs by Monique Jacques for MSF


Kabo Health Centre, CAR

TANZANIA | 17.11.2016

SLIDESHOW: -Tanzania : Aid is needed before situation deteriorates
A critical situation is unfolding for hundreds of thousands of refugees in Tanzania, with camps now at full capacity.

MALI | 16.11.2016

Resistance to antibiotics
Package: audio interviews and photos selection from various countries

YEMEN | 25.11.2016

North-governorate of Yemen, in the camps of Huth and Khamir
Francesco Segoni, Yemen, July 2016

COLOMBIA | 07.11.2016

Mental health support in Tumaco, Colombia

UGANDA | 14.11.2016

Uganda overwhelmed as tens of thousands flee violence in South Sudan
Charlotte Morris, Uganda, October 2016

FRANCE | 25.10.2016

Calais Dismantlement
Calais, France, 24 – 27 Oct 2016

GREECE | 28.10.2016

Portrait of MSF Staff in Katsikas camp
Bruno Fert, Katsikas, août 2016

CHAD | 31.10.2016

Chad : Intra Residential Spraying
MSF, Chad, October 2016

FRANCE | 20.10.2016

Domestic routes
Bruno Fert, Greece/France, June/July/August 2016