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Abdi Adam
Abdi Adam
Habiba Dahir Issack
Habiba in the camp
Habiba showing her portable cooler box
Habiba with her father
Habiba Dahir Issack
Habiba injecting insulin
Habiba taking a sample to test her blood sugar levels before injecting insulin
Idilo's son and daughter
Isnina Abdullahi Bare - Idilo's mother
Idilo and her children
Idilo and her youngest child
Idilo outside her house in Dagahaley
Idilo outside her house in Dagahaley
Glucometer, syringes and test strips for patients with diabetes
Idilo with her commodities for managing her Type 1 diabetes
Idilo inside her house in Dagahaley
Habiba's mother at their home in Dagahaley