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MULTIPLE COUNTRIES/2019/Antibiotic resistance in the Middle-East - Why bacteria love war wounds


Bacterial infections can be deadly, and antibiotics remain today the most important tool to treat them. But their effectiveness is decreasing because of antibiotic resistance, which is the tendency of bacteria to become resistant to antibiotic drugs and decreases the effectiveness of these drugs. Antibiotic resistance is a huge problem everywhere in the world, but the specificity of Middle-Eastern contexts adds another layer of complexity. Indeed, various countries there are or have recently been affected by conflict. Wounds caused by violence are, by their nature, very vulnerable to bacterial infections. At the same time, the potential for resistance is big in violent contexts, because of the deregulated use of antibiotics. With examples from MSF projects in four different locations (Yemen, Gaza, Iraq, Jordan), this album illustrates the challenges that antibiotic resistance presents in the Middle-East but also what MSF tries to put in place to tackle it.
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