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SOUTH SUDAN/2019/Life in Aweil South Sudan illustrated


Illustrations by Camille Quilichini https://www.instagram.com/camillecanette

Architect Camille Quilichini spent January to July 2019 with MSF in Aweil in northwestern South Sudan. Her illustrations offer a glimpse into daily life at the hospital where MSF has been working since 2008 to provide obstetric and paediatric care. Report.

Day 1/Monday
Aweil, northwestern South Sudan. MSF started working in a Ministry of Health hospital in Aweil in 2008. At the only secondary health care facility in a region of 1.5 million inhabitants, the MSF teams provide obstetric and paediatric care and combat malnutrition and malaria. With almost 789 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births, maternal and infant mortality rates in South Sudan are among the highest in the world.
Illustrations © Camille Quilichini/MSF

Day 2/Tuesday
A mother in Aweil Hospital’s emergency room. It took her hours to walk to the hospital in Aweil with her son who has a fever and respiratory problems. The child has pneumonia and is put on a course of antibiotics. 48 hours later, his health is improving. The MSF team takes advantage of his admission to the hospital to give him the vaccinations he needs.
Illustrations © Camille Quilichini / MSF

Day 3 /Wednesday
MSF’s expert is at work in the operating room in Aweil hospital. Egyptian surgeon Mustafa and South Sudanese emergency room technician Peter perform a skin graft on a 12-year-old child who has open wounds on his thigh and left knee. This is the first procedure of many the child will have to undergo before his skin heals completely and he can go home.
Illustrations © Camille Quilichini/MSF

Day 4/Thursday

This child was referred to the MSF hospital in Aweil after his foot was severely burnt during an epileptic seizure. He was admitted with a serious infection that will require lengthy treatment. The arch of the foot a very sensitive area to treat, he gets around on crutches made for him by the hospital carpenter.
Illustrations © Camille Quilichini / MSF

Day 5 /Friday

An expectant mother waits outside the maternity unit. Some women have to travel long distances to give birth at the hospital in Aweil. Some have complicated pregnancies and others scarring from previous caesareans that require specialist medical attention. They’re put up near the maternity unit so that they can give birth safely in our care. Since the beginning of 2019, every month we have delivered an average of 475 babies!

A grandmother listens to the doctor who has examined her grandson in the emergency room. Among others, the four-year-old is suffering from acute anaemia and bleeding skin and gums. The clinical examination concludes blood cancer, but there’s no treatment available in Aweil.
Illustrations © Camille Quilichini / MSF

Day 6/Saturday
Australian paediatrician Connie does her weekend rounds. An intensely busy day, Connie has examined nearly 100 children.
She mostly treats patients for pneumonia, malaria and dehydration caused by gastroenteritis, but also septicaemia and viral and skin infections. Connie also sees patients suffering from malnutrition and tuberculosis.
The child she’s examining has been brought to the hospital in Aweil because her eyesight’s failing.
Illustrations © Camille Quilichini/MSF

Day 7/Sunday
In addition to the team’s daily work in the hospital, in 2019 they’ve implemented a vaccination campaign in Aweil to combat the measles epidemic that’s broken out in and around Aweil. The teams visit strategic vaccination points in schools and markets but also districts outside the city to provide people in the countryside who don’t have cars or motorbikes access to healthcare.
All children between the ages of five months and five years are invited to come and get vaccinated. During this campaign, MSF teams vaccinated more than 26,000 children.
Illustrations © Camille Quilichini / MSF
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