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Chad : Intra Residential Spraying


The pictures were taken in the village of Canton Dembo in the District of Moissala. The village is located closed to the CAR and there is the “Bahr Sara” river located in the north which make this village quite isolated compare to the rest of the district.
The Moissala district has the one of the highest malaria incidence rates of the world with 20.832 case for 100.000 people.
Before the rainy season, the MSF team goes to the village to spray the hut, it’s the preventive phase against the disease. It’s call the Intra Residential Spraying (IRS) it has been proposed to complete the preventives activities already existing like Chemo-Seasonal Malaria Prevention.

The spraying can be achievable in the district of Moissala where the malaria is endemic.

The Ficam WP (Wattable Powder) is an insecticide used in this Intra Residential Spraying, it’s an Bendiocarbe. The choice of this molecule has been guided by the results of a study made by the National Program of Fight against Malaria funded by MSF. This molecule has been recommended by the WHO.
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