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UGANDA/2017/FAD Uganda 2017


FAD Field Associative Debates – Uganda, Kampala march 2017

The Field Associative Debates (FADs), are organized every year in spring. As their name suggests, these meetings occur in the field. They bring together members of different associations to debate issues relating to MSF's social mission. FADs usually take place between February and March, before the General Assemblies’ season, to allow time for motions or recommendations to be brought to the GAs.
There are no themes imposed for the debate, FADs are valuable moments of informal encounters and exchanges.
Pre-FADs can be organized in the field with the entire team to reflect together on the topics to be discussed during the FADs. It is also an opportunity to identify the people who will represent their colleagues in the FADs and speak out for debate. Indeed, it is not always possible to bring the entire staff to the FADs which usually take place in the capital. Therefore, for each MSF section and in each field, one or more members are nominated by their peers to represent them in the debates. As far as possible, the MSF sections send a member of their Board of Directors or a representative of the Association to participate in the FADs in the countries where the section intervenes.
This FAD took place in Kampala, Uganda end of march 2017.
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