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Instagram Stories for World Antibiotics Awareness Week, November 2018. The World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) is celebrated on the week of November 12 of every year. The objectives of the initiative are: to make antibiotic resistance a globally recognized health, issue, to raise awareness of the need to preserve the power of antibiotics through appropriate use, to increase the recognition that individuals, health and agriculture professionals, and governments must all play a role in tackling antibiotic resistance and to encourage behavior, change and convey the message that simple actions can make a difference. ABR is a growing health issue around the world especially in the Middle East, a region prone with crises and dilapidated health systems. MSF projects in the region are witnessing increasing numbers of ABR cases in countries like Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. In that regard, MSF produced a series of products/initiatives related to raising awareness on ABR – including this Instagram story, adapted to different languages. The goal of this story - built up as a short quiz - is to engage, in an interactive way, with social media users and raise their awareness about antibiotics consumption and ABR.
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